a proud old building

tired now but a doorway still

to deep mysteries

Good Morning, March!

Mercury retrograde behind,

the end of the month scramble over

peace now deep abiding peace drifts over all

Divine Love, Bless This Place

Divine Love, Bless This Place.

This strange and quirky place that is the vault of my future, and the home of my love.

Bless it with light and love; joy, healing and prosperity.

Open its doors to great abundance, so that I might make right all of my past.

I give great joyful thanks

I give great joyful thanks that the balance maintained for yet another day.

Divine Love, great me courage and hope and strength and presence of mind to face the coming challenge.

Divine Love bless those close to me with peace and strength. Fill them with strong healing light.

The Balance Maintains

I am so happy and grateful for this new day.

I am filled with gratitude and joy that the balance has maintained for yet another day.

I have total faith and knowledge that it will continue ever so.

Many new doors will open today.

I send Light, Joy and Love before me; throughout my home and throughout my office.

Today is a day of great prosperity and abundance, and I claim for myself a rich, abundant share of all good things.

Money, wealth and prosperity is mine today, and all days. I lead a joyous life of great wealth and abundance.

Belly Of The Beast

Truly, I have passed through the belly of the beast

I have fought demons and dragons

Perhaps not valiantly, perhaps not well

But I am finished here

And I journey on

Thank you for this new day

Divine Love, thank you for this beautiful new day.  

The dawn of this day fills me with joy and healing and peace and love. 

I do all things this day with strength and vitality and courage and wisdom. 

I joyfully receive great abundance this day.